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Ode to My Leatherman

Leatherman, Leatherman, where did you go?

This morning I held you and now you no-show,

Did anyone borrow you? Does anyone know?

If somebody stole you, to hell they will go.

Leatherman, Leatherman, where are you now?

I need you, I want you, I miss you, and how.

I miss the feel of your stainless blade steel

Your holder is empty, how sad now I feel

Somewhere on site, a Leatherman cries

For its owner to find where it silently lies,

Among good people who work side-by-side,

And hope they will never have to say their goodbyes

To their...

Leatherman, Leatherman Oh where did you go?

Senorita, Senorita, have you seen my Makita?

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