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From a very young age, I admired Leonardo da Vinci and I was fascinated by the way he blended art and technology. I tried to emulate him by carrying a sketch pad and learning to play music, starting with the violin, then drums, guitar, piano, and bass. In my teens I began experimenting with electronics and audio recording by dubbing multiple tracks on a stereo cassette recorder using a well-placed piece of Scotch tape. I always wanted to be a recording engineer but it wasn't to be. I ended up studying electrical engineering at the University of Texas in Austin but rather than work for Dell or IBM, I went to work for Blackstone Audio Visual, which became High End Systems one year later. After getting laid off at High End, I did a short stint with Martin Professional and the ill-fated Hubbell Entertainment, then began following a path that led to writing books and magazine articles, practicing freelance lighting design, consulting, and teaching classes and workshops.


After I wrote “Automated Lighting: The Art and Science of Moving Light,” I started getting calls to teach classes, and that led to more classes. After teaching Entertainment Electrics for two years, I wrote “Electricity for the Entertainment Electrician & Technician.” “Lighting Design for Modern Houses of Worship” was written after spending several years lighting churches and touring with contemporary Christian bands.


Today, I am an ETCP Certified Entertainment Electrician and an ETCP Recognized Trainer, and I write a column called “Video Matters” for Lighting and Sound America and Lighting and Sound International, another called “Technology Focus” for Lighting  and Sound International, and a third called “Shadow, Light, and Truth” for Protocol magazine. When I'm not traveling usually start my day by riding my bicycle to and from yoga class and I like to end my day by spending time with my wife Lisa and my daughter Joanna. 

Lighting Design

Projection Design

Video Content Creation

Lighting Console Programming

Media Server Programming


Magazine Articles

Production Electrics


Video Editing

3D Modeling

Video Effects

Tel: +1 (512)280-0384

Email: rcadena<at>APTXL<dot>com

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