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Never Mind Who Broke the Stage...

I just want to know what broke the stage...

There was a complete blackout of the bassPOD stage at the Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas 2015 last weekend when TrollPhace and Getter apparently cranked up the volume and lighting to 11. Whenever an incident like this happens, people in the know tend to clam up rather than talk about what caused the problem in the first place. That's unfortunate because we can all learn from mistakes, except when we don't know what mistake was made.

I don't really understand why people avoid revealing the cause of these incidents unless their concerned about a big finger being pointed in their faces. I don't want to be a party to that, nor do I think that anyone should be publicly humiliated. But in the interest of understanding what went wrong and how to avoid it in the future, it would be cool if someone fessed up. I'm not taking names or keeping score, but I'm just an email away if you want to help educate the industry.

Here's a link to the video:

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